Skip the pharmacy and order directly from us! A Liquid Assets prescription is like a subscription to your favorite magazine, only better! It is an easy way to receive your personal dose of Liquid Assets on a regular basis. Just tell us how much coffee to send and how often you’d like to receive it, and we will continue to fill your prescription until you tell us to stop. By selecting one of the prescription programs below you can always be sure the next freshly roasted bag of Liquid Assets coffee is on its way to your doorstep.

Roaster’s Whim Prescription

Coming soon in the Roaster’s Whim section of the Shop. Select the Roaster’s Whim prescription to receive the monthly, limited release Whim offering as soon as it is roasted and blended. This is a great way to try a variety of our custom blended coffees. We find it fun and challenging to create new and exciting combinations of our single origin coffees that make up these well balanced, full flavored Whim blends. We hope you will enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy discovering them.

Friends With Benefits Prescription

Let’s be friends with benefits! Our friends receive some great benefits such as custom coffee blends and private labels. Many of our customers have worked with us to create their very own coffee blends to satisfy their distinct tastes. Some give their blends a unique name and have even created custom labels for their bags. Contact us if you are interested in creating your own custom blend, or would like to give the gift of a customized blend prescription to a special friend. You will also receive special offers throughout the course of your prescription, because we like you! All Friends with Benefits prescriptions are subject to minimum orders of at least 2 bags of coffee/month. Custom labels are an additional charge, but are oh so worth it.

You Choose Prescription

Receive your favorite coffee on a regular basis. Contact us at 518-929-0198 to set up your order.

Prescriptions continue automatically at your requested frequency until you choose to pause or cancel your shipments.